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Full Version: HAWX Comp 3v3
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Tom Clancy's HAWX Competition

Comp Runners: Wolfmother

The HAWX comp will be a 3v3 round-robin comp.

HAWX is a listen server meaning that one of the teams that are playing has to create the server (Respawn can't provide the servers).


- Teams MUST register on the EMS and sign up to the HAWX competition at least 20 minutes before it begins.
- A round-robin is then drawn up. Each team will be paired up with each other team once in a series of rounds. At the end the team with the most points win.
- In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker will be played with slightly different rules.
- Each round will be announced on the microphone; teams come up the front and exchange details (server name).
- You do not have to play every round, but giving the other team a bye isn't very nice and also will reduce your chances of winning.

- We're running the latest version (1.02).
- The patch is at ftp://games.respawn.lan
- An unlock patch is also at ftp://games.respawn.lan
- We suggest you get the game unlocked before you come, as it can be a hassle if you do it wrong.


Mode - Team Deathmatch
Maximum Players - 6
Map - Any (default is fine)
Max Rounds - 1
Time Limit - 10 Minutes
Game Type - (ignore)
Special Conditions - Gun Upgrade Always On
Cockpit View - Optional
Expert Controls - Optional
Support Units - On
Assistance Off - Optional
Ordinance - Hardcore
Allow Missiles - Joint Strike Only

ANY plane is allowed; if you don't have any good planes unlocked there is a savegame file at ftp://games.respawn.lan.

Tiebreaker rules
Same as above, but:

Ordinance - Realistic
Allow Missiles - Any

Also, if the competition is running behind schedule the time limit may be changed.
hope this one runs better. At my last respawn, I was kicked from the comp because there werent enough players to fill the teams, and respawn admins couldnt be arsed working it out.

fail :thumbdown:
sorry about that neon.

sometimes we just get so much that needs to get done, we forget about the other things.
Is the FTP server up?
Can't seem to access to links.
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