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Full Version: Dead Man ContactO.o
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whats dead_man's xfire/steam anyone know?

*i know i could pm, but meh this is just as easy(if i manage to get it that is:P)
just pm him or jump on irc @ #respawn if you need to speak to him
Or PM me, and I'll slap deadman over the back of the head an relay any messages (he's sitting next to me tongue.gif )
currently at a LAN atm.

if you need to contact me steam ID is "sgt..;;MDP::..dead_man" or msn is neogita[AT]hotmail[dot]com
hey dead_man i added you on msn wink.gif if you wont you can accpet me wink.gif
hehe never really on msn, best place to get me is irc
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