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Full Version: MaNew Map suggestions for UT2004 and Doom II comps
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Hi all, I just wanted to make a suggestion for the UT2004 and Doom 2 Zdaemon Comps, these comps have had the same map for the last 3 times, Deck17 for UT2004 and Map01 for Doom II. Although these may be good I suggest we do something different, I suggest Tokara Forest for UT2004 and Map02 Underhalls for Doom II, Let me know what you think.

Shadow Reaper
Hi JDMan,

The next UT Comp will be UT4, though I will likely be using their default map for the competition.

Do you have suggestions for maps for Doom II other than Map2, as the maps are on rotation and I normally use map1 and 7 as they seem to be the best for pvp.
Heya Shadow, saw you at Landslide sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello.

I see, really is UT4 even on Steam yet?

In regards to Doom I've checked and there aren't really that many maps that are good for PvP though I've found a few that could be good for a change from MAP01 and MAP07

E1M1 - The first level of Doom, it's kind of linear but if we can do the first level of Doom II we can do the first level of Doom

MAP02 and E4M1- These two aren't exactly simply designed but make a good alternative to MAP01 as I think they are small enough for two people.

MAP06 - This one is huge but I think it could still work as it has lots of open space

E1M8 - I would love to have a match here (possible the final) would be ridiculous cause of all of the open space but I reckon it could work.

Anyway let me know what you think.

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