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Age of Empires II, the popular Real-Time Strategy game (RTS) released in 1999 by Microsoft Games and created by Ensemble Studios, cemented Microsoft's place in the RTS market. Combining basic city-building techniques with potentially complex on-the-spot military techniques made Age of Empires II a must-have for any RTS player. In 2013 the game was re-released in HD by Microsoft and Hidden Path Entertainment, bringing the turn-of-the-millennium RTS into the PCs and minds of gamers all over again.

A typical Age of Empires II: HD Edition Deathmatch round will consist of a maximum of 8 players in a single game, with the aim being to eliminate your opponents, or have the highest score (gathered through having more Units, resources or important buildings) when the 2 hour time limit is up.

Rules and Regulations

1. Background
1.1. Registration
Players must register via the Respawn website AT LEAST 10 minutes before the competition start time.

1.2. Game Version
Current official version available from steam.

1.3. Schedule
The following breakdown applies to a 64 player cap.

Round 1: 8 Servers (64 players) - Top 2 qualify
Round 2: 2 Servers (16 players) - Top 2 qualify
Final: 1 Server (4 players)

1.4. Win Condition(s)
Players will be ranked in the order in which they are defeated (Last Man Standing). However, in the event the game hits the match's time limit of 2 hours, the remaining players will be ranked by total score.

2. Match Environment
2.1. Match Creation
Experienced players will be selected to host each server, which will be visible in the server browser. Each host will need to setup the server with the settings described in sections 2.2 & 2.3.

2.2. Server Setup
Visibility: Friends
Ranked: Unselected
Allow Spectators: Selected

2.3. Server Settings
Game: Death Match
Map Style: Standard
Location: Arena
Size: Giant
Difficulty: Standard
Population: 500
Game Speed: Normal
Reveal Map: Normal
Starting Age: Standard
Treaty Length: 20 Minutes
Victory: Conquest
Team Together: Selected (Yes)
Lock Teams: Selected (Yes)
All Tech: Unselected (No)
Lock Speed: Selected (Yes)
Allow Cheats: Unselected (No)
Record Game: Selected (Yes)

3. Exploits
3.1. No Cheating / Hacking

Cheats / Hacking includes any unauthorized manipulation of: server configurations and server variables, client configurations and client variables, models, skins, entities, textures, sounds, or anything else that subverts the games rules and normal operating conditions. Hacking includes any third party program which alters the game in a way that the game developer did not intend for.

This will result in the immediate suspension/ban of player(s) and/or team and will be immediately brought to Respawn Management for possible further action taken on the player(s)/team.

4. Client / Server Issues
4.1. Pausing Conditions
4.2. Match Restart Conditions

5. General Rules
5.1. Disputes

Any disputes must be made during the match and made aware immediately to the tournament organizer. If you play out the match without informing the tournament organizer, it is assumed you have no disputes and the result will stand.

If there is a dispute raised, the decision made by the tournament organizer is final.

5.2. Player Names

Inappropriate Player names which includes: profanity, racism, sexism, drug references, etc. may see you removed from the competition pending a competition adminís decision.

5.3. Sportsmanship / Abuse

Unsportsmanlike conduct and abuse during, prior or after matches will not be tolerated. If a player is found guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct or abuse, punishments may be issued. We wish to promote a healthy competition that everyone can enjoy.

5.4 Tournament Organisers

A tournament organiser may enter the competition they are running on the following rules:

  • Any decisions to be made whereby it involves them directly in the outcome of a decision must be decided by the Competitions Admin or by another member of Management of Respawn who is deemed impartial.
  • Any prizes that are won by the organiser will be forfeited, and in case of a single player competition handed to the player who is the place below the organiser; or in case of a team tournament be returned to the pool of prizes for that event.
  • The trophy in case of being awarded one maybe kept by the organiser at the discretion of by the Competitions Admin or by another member of Management of Respawn who is deemed impartial.
Why no black forest? wink.gif Can we team or is it a FFA?
QUOTE (dejavu @ Jun 23 2015, 01:22 AM) *
Why no black forest? wink.gif Can we team or is it a FFA?

It's Free-For-All as far as I understand for fairness (having teams can result in crushings for solo players very quickly)

As to no Black Forest? Quiz the Comp Runner on the day, you may be able to change their minds tongue.gif

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