Hi all!

You didn't know we were having a Shogun 2 battle tournament? Shamefur Dispray!

Here's the basics of the rules, which may change as Siege Battles are introduced.

Minimum Recommended Avatar Level: 2 Stars
Type: Land Battle
Map: <Randomly Selected>
Funds: Medium (10,000)
Season: <Season of Respawn>
Night: <Coin Toss>
Rain: <Coin Toss>
Fog: <Coin Toss>
Time Limit: 20 Minutes per battle
Difficulty: Normal
Faction: Any

Special Rules/Limitations
• Don’t act against the spirit of the game (have some fun, don’t be a bad winner/loser etc).
Admins have the right to take action on any of these things. Depending on severity, this can range from private warning to instant (and permanent) ban.

Tournament Setup
• Player selects their General (either Shogun 2 or FoTS) and stick with it throughout the tournament. This choice is final.
• The Avatar Level of the player’s Generals will be used to build the initial tournament schedule – varying avatar levels should try to be put against each other for fairness.

Victory Conditions
‘Standard’ Tournament setup, 1v1.
Just defeat your opponent to move to the next round. Simple, right?

Death before dishonour!