Hi all!

Carrying over from Votucu and Tofuboi, I've created some generic rules to follow with the MarioKart competitions.



MarioKart Double Dash/Wii/8
• Multiplayer VS race (up to 4 players at once)
• 4 Races
• Random Course
• 150cc
• ‘Normal’ CPU
• ‘Normal’ Items

MarioKart 7
• Multiplayer Grand Prix (4-8 players)
• Select Grand Prix series at random/on vote
• 150cc
• ‘Normal’ Items

Special Rules/Limitations
• Screen-looking is acceptable on console versions as it's actually encouraged in the old Super Mario Kart manual (No joke, it's written there!) Handheld versions however, unacceptable.
• Don’t act against the spirit of the game (have some fun, don’t be abusive to team-mates etc).

Admins have the right to take action on any of these things. Depending on severity, this can range from private warning to instant (and permanent) ban.

Victory Conditions
MarioKart Double Dash/Wii/8
“Standard” Tournament setup, with points handed out after each races as follows...
• First - 8 points
• Second - 5 points
• Third - 3 points
• Fourth - 1 point

Place in the Top Two points-wise by the end of the Four Races.
• This means someone who places 3rd in 2 races, 4th in one and 1st in one can theoretically still get to the next round.

MarioKart 7
Place in the Top Two points-wise by the end of the Four Races. Points system used is in-game.

Watch out for Blue Shells!