Welcome Summoners to the Respawn v30 League of Legends 5v5 Competition!
One our most popular events is back! But as always, we need to have rules to follow to ensure fair gameplay!

Competition Rules:

Map: Summoners Rift
Teams: 5 v 5
Mode: Tournament Draft
Schedule: Double Elimination (Subject to amount of teams)
Arena: Oceania


Q: You said prizes?!
A: $500 for 1st. $250 for 2nd. Riot prizing included.

Q: I don't have a team, can I still partake?
A: If you don't have a team, see the Competitions Desk ASAP on the Saturday and we will assist you in finding a team but we can't guarantee that we will find you one.

Q: In the event of network failure, what will happen?
A: If the entire Internet fails dropping all players offline, the match will be replayed with the same picks/bans to ensure continuity.

Q: My PC crashed during the load screen?
A: If this happens, notify your team ASAP so as soon as everyone enters "The Rift", they can pause the game for you.

Q: I went out for dinner/food/other and missed my comp?
A: Please take into account that if your team isn't ready by in the 10 minute start up time; you will be disqualified. Plan your food breaks at your own risk

Q: But we still need to eat?!
A: There is a dinner break, don't worry smile.gif

Q: Can I double book for competitions?
A: No. This will be a tightly controlled event. You will have 10 minutes from your start time to gather your team together or you will be disqualified.

Q: Can I bring a player in from outside the event?
A: No, players must be registered, paid and checked in attendees at the event. If you wish to bring in a sub, they will need to present their badge at the comps desk for verification.

Q: Can my team have a sub?
A: Yes - See above

Q: Can /pause be used?
A: Yes, in certain circumstances such as technical faults (ie: a player dropped(disconnected)/dead keyboard/table switch fails/table power fails). If the whole team drops, refer to the above question on that. If the pause is going to last longer than 5 minutes, please have someone notify the competitions desk.

Game rules will be governed by Riot's Official rules, found here: http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/burningm...rules/en_AU.pdf

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM me.

Good luck!

Camaran (OCE)