Hi all,

Just putting the feelers/claws/tentacles out - I've DM'd Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition for a few years now, so have a little confidence in it, and reckon that everyone should try a tabletop RPG at least once.

To that degree, is anyone interested in having a go at it at Respawn v28?

I'll be volunteering with the admins initially, but if enough people show an interest, let's get a game of DnD 4e running!

To save time, I can pre-build characters, or we can throw together a character on the night if you have your own idea you want to stick to :-)

If we have enough interest I'll organise a time for it to run with the admins. Be warned, it's rare for a DnD session to take less than 2 hours, so if you're booked to play at a certain time in any tournaments make sure you let me know early on!

Beginners will be welcomed with open arms - we've all been beginners before, and I'm always happy to lend a hand and teach people the ropes.

Game on!