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League of Legends
Good Afternoon Summoners,

Competition Rules:
  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Teams: 5 v 5
  • Mode: Tournament Draft
  • Schedule: Depends on Teams, would like to see an Round Robin or Single Elim.
  • Players MUST be ready to play - This means, don't double book yourself.
  • Arena: Oceania (confirmed we get 20 ping with no latency spikes)

Will change dependant on the event, see prize thread for more.

Q: In the event of network failure, what will happen?
A: If the entire internet fails dropping all players offline, the match will be replayed with the same picks/bans to ensure continuity.

Q: My PC crashed during the load screen?
A: When we setup the competition, you will need to set it up as a custom match which enables pausing to ensure no disadvantage. This is why tournament draft is used.

Q: I went out for dinner/food/other and missed my comp?
A: If you don't respond to calls to check in, your team will be disqualified. The delays often cause comps to overrun and result in people missing other scheduled.

Q: Can I double book for competitions?
A: In short, no. As above we find people will be busy playing other games and delay those waiting. At v27 we had a team who waited 3 hours for their match to begin because the other team were constantly not available. From v28 onward, if you aren't going to be available, we will disqualify the team as the delays it causes aren't fair on other competitors.

Q: Can I bring a player in from outside the event?
A: No, players must be have registered on and paid their entry fee.

Q: Can my team have a sub?
A: Yes - However as above, they must be paid/checked into the EMS fully.

Q: What about <champion name here>?
A: Tournaments do not restrict what champions(toons) you may use, however be mindful the picks/bans process in Tournament selection may result in your opponents either banning him or counter picking him.

Q: What arena will be run on?
A: Oceania (OCE)

Q: Can /pause be used?
A: Yes, in certain circumstances such as technical faults (ie: my support disconnected/dead keyboard/table switch fails/table power fails). If the whole team drops, refer to the above question on that.

Special Notes
Because we are running in tournament draft mode to ensure the picks/bans are fair to the entire process, you MUST HAVE 16 champions in your account. Champions these days are fairly cheap to purchase with either IP or RP. If you don't have 16 champions, this will make it difficult to be fair in the process.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM me directly.
Get your teams ready, practiced and ready to roll!

And my god bestow your team a Penta!

Jeffy (or on OCE I am JFed)
What is the prize support like?

Any word on whether or not you could get Champion Ryze as prize support? (I was talking to Zardos about it)

Riot do not officially support the Asia Pacific region at this stage. We've still applied through their normal process and we're crossing our fingers.

Trust me - we're trying to make this happen for you guys.
QUOTE (Zardoz @ Mar 6 2013, 10:03 PM) *
Riot do not officially support the Asia Pacific region at this stage.

That said, Riot are currently working towards creating a Sydney office to support Asia Pacific including Sydney Servers, Community Managers etc so it is coming.
However, timeframes aren't known yet, I do know they had 15,000 applications for the Community Manager role.

So it'd be at least 6-12 months but I know the support for the region is coming, and I did discuss with Zardoz about applying for support anyway, hopefully he gets the nod smile.gif
Traffic Control
I have a team of 5 interesting in playing. How many teams will be there?
Last event we had 8 teams playing and ran in a single bracket.

I would like to see 10 or more!
Prize detail has been updated.
Traffic Control
Thanks Jeffy much appreciated!
FAQ updated, Format updated.
I swear, Riot's patch run this weekend has me changing this post hourly! lol...

Zac has now been released, patch up lads.
Karma has been fixed in a live hot patch.
Thresh is disabled due to a bug, and they are working on it.

Again, my only comment here is:
You must have 16 champs (toons) and draft mode ensures fair picks/bans/counter picks etc.

If they are live, not disabled and active you may use them. If you do not own them and they are in the free week, this is okay too.
Traffic Control
Everything is running fine on LoL now. I will make sure my team has everything updated before we head to the LAN.
QUOTE (Traffic Control @ Apr 1 2013, 03:51 PM) *
Everything is running fine on LoL now. I will make sure my team has everything updated before we head to the LAN.

Yes that'd be fantastic if you can make sure!
Updated thread for v28.

OCE now in full swing and will be used in its entirety.
Excited for next one. Had a blast last time.
Yeah was heaps of fun. Preparing for next one now smile.gif
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