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Full Version: Official Respawn+SOGC Minecraft Server
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Now you can enjoy hugging creepers with your fellow Respawners and your Sydney associates from the SOGC! We've got a fully sanctioned official Respawn Minecraft Server for all of you to enjoy! At 64 players, there should be room for everyone! And if not, we'll INCREASE THE PLAYER LIMIT!


It's actually a stock standard non-PVP co-op minecraft server, HOWEVER - sign up to the forums here at - and you can have your input about changes to be made to the server and request separate realms for CREATIVE, and PVP and all that.

Yay for going to meet the creepers!


Simply connect to - the server is running on default port 25565.
You will need a legitimate account
Lord Infamous
Doesn't let me connect.
QUOTE (Lord Infamous @ May 5 2012, 04:44 PM) *
Doesn't let me connect.

Should now - we've got like...20 regulars playing on there, the majority of them Respawners lol
it wont let me connect it says my account is not white listed .... w/e that means
Hey guys, It's white listed and I can't connect. Can I please get myself and My step son White Listed.

I'm not being whitelisted either.
My name's the same and I've asked to join twice, do you guys not like me?
hey guys can whitelist me to game name is blinky9921

also says server does not exist error http
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