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These will be the rules used for TF2 6v6 at v16 and future events, unless otherwise noted

Respawn’s Team Fortress 2 Competition will be based upon the Oz Fortress Winter League Rule Set, with modifications to the structure to fit.

See for the original rule set.

Changes from the OWL:SE Rule Set:
These changes are in addition to the rule set, and where there are conflicts, these rules take precedence.
    Section 1
  • The tournament will be run in a double elimination format.
    Section 2
  • All teams must register before 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the event
  • If team wishes to withdraw, they must inform the competition organiser as soon as humanly possible.
  • Players are allowed to be substituted with other paying attendees as long as they are not already in another TF2 team at the event.
    Section 3
  • Match times and maps will be dictated by competition organisers.
  • Forfeits will count as a loss.
  • A forfeit will be forced if:
  • - A team does not present themselves to the competition organiser within a certain time frame (10 minutes and two calls using the notifier application available at the LAN or the PA system) when requested
  • -A team does not connect to a server in a reasonable time frame (10 minutes and two calls using the notifier application available at the LAN or the PA system)
  • -A team cannot find all six of their players within a reasonable time frame
  • Team are allowed to play for 5 minutes missing up to one of their members before being forced to forfeit
  • -A team leaves the match before it has been won for non-technical reasons (If there is a network or power drop, the opposing team should pause the server and wait for them to rejoin - teams should consult with the organisers if they would like a rematch)
    Section 4
  • Mercenaries are allowed and must meet two criteria
  • --Must be a paying attendee of Respawn
  • --Must not be a participant in another TF2 team at the event, including teams knocked out of the tournament
  • Spectating is only allowed through SourceTV.
  • Draws are not allowed.
  • --5 point push pull maps, a golden cap should be used to determine the winner
  • --Time based maps, whoever won quicker is considered the winner
  • Section 4 should be read as it contains very relevant information, including class limits and win conditions.


Exploits and cheats are disallowed.

Servers are pausable.

Class limits are
  • * 1 Medic
  • * 1 Demoman
  • * 1 Heavy
  • * 1 Engineer
  • * 1 Spy
  • * 2 Scouts
  • * 2 Snipers
  • * 2 Soldiers
  • * 2 Pyros

Critical Hits: Off
Damage Spread: Off
Fixed Weapon Spreads: On
Weapon Unlocks: Thread will be updated each LAN and posted on EMS. Will be done to suit either OZFL or the latest OWL competition.

SourceTV will be recorded on the servers. Demos are not required to be recorded by the players.

The OWL:SE Rule set is licensed under the Creative Commons Attibution - noncommercial - share alike 2.5 license. More information here. Original rule set here.
it's actually 6v6, right?
I ... Uh... Yeah.

No idea how I managed to screw that up. Thanks for noticing.
Are these rules being updated to the new OWL ruleset (few changes regarding unlocks and match formats)?
Since this hasn't been discussed much.
OWL3 Ruleset

I think we have kind-of been unofficially been playing by this for the last 2 Respawn's because when I ask at the front they say we are playing by the OWL3 ruleset.
Buff banner is banned?

I can see crit-a-cola being banned because it's a random drop, but BB has a milestone linked to it, and it's not really OP as you have to give up your shotty.

Is the poor Sandman ever going to be unbanned?
I think the main reason why it's banned is that it gives the whole team an advantage when pushing forward/defending which the opposition doesn't really have a good chance of holding their own against if used

As for sandman, I doubt it.

Also, for crit-a-cola, very simple (and obvious) crafting combo, kritzkrieg + bonk
are the gunboats still banned?
I'm guessing if this isn't decided pre-event we will decide on the night, just ask if we are playing with the OWL3 or OWL:SE ruleset.
QUOTE (priorax @ Aug 31 2010, 03:49 PM) *
I'm guessing if this isn't decided pre-event we will decide on the night, just ask if we are playing with the OWL3 or OWL:SE ruleset.

think they shouldn't be considering they arn't banned now and there not such a rare drop anymore.
The current "official" TF2 rules for Respawn are based on the OWL:SE ruleset (done in 2009). Section 4H states:
Weapon Unlocks: On, except for the Sandman and Gunboats.

OWL3 Ruleset (2010) section 4H states:
Weapon Unlocks and Random Drops: Allowed, except for the Sandman, Buff Banner and Crit a Cola

Items are not banned due to the rarity of the drop, but because they give one player or team an advantage over the other.


Also, they have continued to state:
All the engineer unlocks are banned from ozfortress competitions until further notice.
Moving buildables is allowed.

If you would like to read 29 pages of people complaining about item banning in competitive TF2.
biggrin.gif k well thanks for that babe!
lemming is always full of shit
Say, with the addition of all these new items at low-low pri... No, couldn't say that.]
Anyway, are we just straight banning or letting them all through or what etc?
common sense
all the new items you have to pay to obtain are banned
Not true, all the new items can be either crafted or found through drops.
I found one of the new sniper items and 3 crates.
That being said
Crates are useless unless you play (not going to happen)
And I don't really play sniper, so that is just sitting there
QUOTE (priorax @ Oct 5 2010, 03:12 PM) *
Not true, all the new items can be either crafted or found through drops.
I found one of the new sniper items and 3 crates.
That being said
Crates are useless unless you play (not going to happen)
And I don't really play sniper, so that is just sitting there

Regardless, they're all banned in the OWL ruleset pending balancing checks.
I definitely think they should be banned.

Especially the item 'sets' that give you a massive bonus (+25 HP for scouts for example) just for wearing a hat.

There just has not been enough time for players to:

A: Acquire them (I'm still missing the scout pistol, and I play/trade fairly regularly)
B: Test them (No-one knows yet which combos give too big of an advantage)

Also remember that there were new mellees for both the Medic and Heavy, and while they seem fairly balanced, should also be banned in the interest of fairness

ALSO, priorax, that post on the SPUF is priceless. Why does the average TF2 player have a negative IQ? Some of the things they said were hilarious:

"At a guess, I'd say the lack of random crits makes it very hard to take down a wrangled sentry."

"Engineers are banned in comp. because they think it's skill less, like all the other class except Soldier, Scouts, Demomen, Medic and Snipers.
They're stupid."

"Basically if it can't easily be spammed out of existence..competitive players don't like it.
Because ya know..the more you spam the more professional you are."

"Spy stab and sap.
Sniper headshots Engi, team moves up and destroys sentry.

But oh well, most competetive players don't think out of their box"

Are the gamestah recordings going to be up soon, if so could we get a link asap.
Dear whoever was using the minisentry during the tournament,

While (as far as I know), these are illegal, thank you for the points.
Allowed unlocks for OWL4:

It's my suggestion that we run using this set of restricted unlocks.

Note: Some polycount items are allowed. But not all. Please read this.

Edit: The whitelist didn't seem to work properly, as this was an issue on my end, I won't hold anyone responsible for this, but before the next event, I will try and organize a day with Squid to figure out how to properly execute the whitelist.
Also, for some reason the servers were allowing 2 demomen, which it shouldn't have been able to do. I think it may have been running an 8-player config...
New rule addition after last Respawn's PauseFortress 2 match:

Pausing during a match will be allowed. Under the following conditions. Teams may only pause between rounds (DURING setup). Each team may pause once per match maximum and for a time period of no longer than 5minutes. BOTH teams must agree to the pause and BOTH teams must give the all clear to un-pause.

To achieve Pause:
Make sure you have sv_pausable "1" set in server.
Then "pause" in rcon will pause the server.
To unpause type "pause" again in rcon.
Updates to the weapon ban list:
RE: v21 TF2 competition

Weapon unlocks:
If OWL6 goes the way it is looking like it will (stock + eq + kritz), I will be running the OWL5 or OZFL unlocks, this is because in the past few events, we have had majority of the players being pub players, so having quite a few unlocks, while not having ones that break the game, it seems like a good thing).

EDIT (21/06/2011): Due to the Uber Update, I will be using OZFL ruleset due to the fact it will be up to date, unlike OWL5. This is of course pending OWL6.

Maps I am considering (note, cp_gullywash_pro and cp_obscure_final will only be used in the grand final, if they are used at all):
cp_prolane (modified version of cp_fastlane)
cp_warmfront (modified version of cp_coldfront)

Server configs:
Official OWL ones, with SourceTV autorecord enabled, and with new items added to the item blacklist.

If you have any other map suggestions or anything like that, I am more than happy to listen. Unless you say 2fort...
If anyone wants a server thrown up during the LAN running any of those maps, or just a generic scrim server, feel free to either find me, or message me on Steam and I will do my best
What the heck are half of those maps?
The ones that have links on them are custom ones used in OzFortress and are generally very balanced, the rest are official Valve maps that are used in OzFortress.

Other than that, I know you have played on all the Valve besides maybe Yukon, which was in OWL5, and recently in OZFL.

Edit: On quick research (ie. searching Squid's demo folder), cp_prolane was also run at v15
While running this competition, I have generally tried to pick maps this way:
Stock maps for the first few brackets, see who is left after, if there are significantly more OzFortress players to non-comp players I will start to bring in custom maps, generally during the final I would have something like cp_gullywash as the tiebreaker for the final anyway.

So adding to the list above cp_gullywash_final1 in hopes that it means we don't have to use cp_well or cp_freight_final1 (great map for highlander apparently) again.
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