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Posted by: Zardoz Jan 13 2020, 09:53 PM

Seat Bookings are now OPEN!

We're doing it a little different this time, for those who remember how we did it last time. We're going to use Discord for your requests.

Simply state your requested row (please see the Google Doc: and we;ll add it, if it's not already taken. First come, first serve!

A few things:
* PREPAID ONLY. This is to ensure we are not holding spaces for people who aren't going to show. Any issues in doing so? Ping Zardoz and he'll take care of it!.
* This is all SUBJECT TO CHANGE. As registrations are lower than capacity for this event, we WILL be moving things around a bit. We reserve the right to add some rows if we see fit, or condense others/shorten them.
* There will be heaps of space between rows. Don't pick a space on the end of the map because you think you won't have a row behind you; you don't need to worry about that.
* If we make any changes, we'll ping you to let you know.
* It's a good idea to let us know what games you're planning on playing, so we can group tables together.
* If you're playing in the CS tournament, we suggest you sit in the rows coloured accordingly. You don't HAVE to, but we suggest it.

Posted by: rockettwins Feb 1 2020, 07:23 AM

Big Kahoona

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